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About Naturol:
'NATUROL BIOCHEMICALS AND FOODS LIMITED' was incorporated in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India to promote the state-of-the-art Integrated Oleochemical Complex at the port
town of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Our focus is to promote an environmentally friendly range of Edible Oils biodiesel Fatty Alcohols and allied products with an envisaged capacity of 230,000 tonnes per year
NATUROL BIOCHEMICALS AND FOODS LIMITED has setup India's First Integrated Oleochemical Complex to produce Edible Oils biodiesel Fatty Alcohols and allied products
Strategically located at the port of Kakinada, the facility is a year-ahead of its competition as a result of its unique configuration and scalability
Naturol is among the TOP 3 global producers of biodiesel and related products with a production capacity of 30 million gallons per year of biodiesel and 10,000 tonnes per year of pharmaceutical grade glycerin
Naturol is backed by a syndicate of Venture Capital investors and debt
Naturol commenced commercial production in April, 2008 and on June 23,2008 (just within 3 months) earned the distinction of India's First Exporter of Biodiesel
Naturol’s has raised a total investment of Rs. 140 crore (USD 32 Million) financed by investments from Venture Capital Investors and term loans from Banks and other financial institutions. Our advanced biodiesel facility enabled to use multiple grades of vegetable oils including fatty acid oils thereby reducing the cost of production. The facility is ahead of its competition as a result of its unique configuration and scalability.
Ability to use variety of feedstock
  Plant has a pretreatment to enable usage of a wide variety of cru oils instead of refined oils
  Ability to use cheaper fatty acid oils
Effluent Treatment Management
  Back water discharge drains as outlet for treated effluents
  25 acre green belt taken on long term lease for the using the treated effluent
  Saline effluent can also be reused after treatment through reverse osmosis
Purification if glycerin to pharmaceutical grade
Infrastructure created for future scaling-up
  Additional land developed and layout ready to scale up to 5 times present capacity
  Dedicated water pipelines laid and permissions obtained
  Sufficient boiler capacity to meet value added products plant requirement
  Oil pipeline (from Port-to-Plant) laid and permissions obtained to meet 5 times capacity requirements
Layout design to facilitate integration of value added products including support facilities
Biodiesel – ASTM D 67516 and EN 14214 specifications certified by international accreditors such as SGS and Intertek Calebrett, UK
Pharmaceutical grade Glycerin –Kosher & Halal Compliant and quality certified by SGS and Intertek Calebrett, UK
Well designed internal systems and organization structure with a strength of 20 members at corporate office and 120 members at works office
About Naturol
Board of Directors
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